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We, Phi Artists, work with the most expensive and best-quality pigments on the market. SUPER pigments have set new standards in the field of microblading, PMU, and tattoos.

The formula of SUPER pigment includes a bioinert coating that prevents the release of any unwanted substances into the body. This adds an additional protective layer against pigment migration.

  • Pure and stable pigments

  • Non-magnetic

  • No separation of components

  • No oily film

  • Natural colors, even on oily skin

  • Shorter healing time after treatment

  • The color should be chosen according to the client's natural hair color.

  • It is always advisable to consult with a licensed and experienced professional before undergoing a microblading procedure to understand if it is suitable for you and how to maintain the results.


Cosmetologist Luna Katerina Koher loves to transform and perfect everything around her through the prism of beauty.

Luna hails from Biel/Bienne, Switzerland, born to a Bulgarian mother and a Swiss father. A turning point in her life occurs when she falls into boiling water on St. Nicholas Day in a legend-filled place with a hot spring. She suffers third-degree burns and undergoes 7 skin graft surgeries in Bulgaria.

For a significant period, she remains without hair on her head and with scars on her body. Despite the scars remaining, the negative memories from them drive her to turn them into something beautiful—helping others feel good in their own skin.

At the age of 18, she completes a linguistic high school in Sofia. Later, she moves to Switzerland to study in prestigious colleges and schools, including Vio Malherbe College, where she is trained in cosmetology and its history by the renowned Madam Valmont. Luna earns various Swiss certificates in spa beauty and an internationally prestigious CIDESCO diploma recognized worldwide.

In 2012, she goes to Beijing, China, to study the language, culture, and local beautification methods, including partial Chinese traditional medicine. Her interest in Chinese medicine extends to Clinical Medicine as she receives training under doctors from Beijing, Shenzhen, Taiwan, and Seoul. She gains unique opportunities for private training in quantum medicine, dermal fillers, Botox, and the study of various skin healing processes under the influence of diverse technologies.

In 2016, she begins her training with Swiss Doctor Gerny, assisting in the development of two specialized brands, Swiss Med and Cell Cosmet. This allows her to learn many techniques, ingredients, and modern methods beneficial to the skin related to cellular technology.

In 2017, she goes to South Korea to study medical cosmetology under Dr. Young Jin Park, MD, Ph.D., The Chief Director, in Gangnam, Seoul.

In 2018, she actively starts working in her profession as an Injector and Med. Cosmetologist at Piano Clinic in Glan Biel Bienne, under Bulgarian Doctor and Associate Professor Surgeon Ilia Iliev.

In 2020, she returns to Bulgaria, enrolling in nursing studies at the Medical University of Plovdiv and deciding to apply for Clinical Medicine.

Since 2021, she actively practices her profession. Simultaneously, she undergoes numerous international courses on aesthetic procedures such as Botox placement, fillers, plasma lifting, and more. Luna believes that a good Med. Cosmetologist and future doctor should always be up-to-date with the latest research, techniques, and procedures.

Despite her busy daily life, she is a dedicated student and spouse. She always finds time to maintain her impeccable appearance because, for her, aesthetics is a lifestyle, both mentally and physically healthy! She is one of the founders of Face2FaceLuxury Beauty Center & Clinic."


For me, manicure is not just a profession but a true passion.

I have been in the field of manicure for 7 years now, and every day, I strive to improve my skills!

My commitment to my profession is reflected in every design I create and in the smiles of my satisfied clients.

I work exclusively with high-quality products from the brands ProNails, Jana Nails, and Black Bottle!

I invite you to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Face2Face Beauty Center and Clinic and enjoy the professional attitude that will make you feel special in our hands!

Manicure and Pedicure Specialist

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Hello! I am Simona, a certified PhiBrows Artist at PhiAcademy, a Cosmetician, and an Eyelash Stylist. With passion and precision, I work in this creative world where art meets innovations in beauty care. I have always believed that every woman possesses a unique beauty that deserves to be emphasized and revealed.

In my pursuit of a job that I love and that brings me joy, I decided to focus on permanent makeup and the beauty industry, seeing more than just cosmetic solutions in these procedures. For me, they are a way to help people feel confident and satisfied with their appearance. I believe in creating a partnership with my clients, where together we develop unique and personalized beauty solutions that reflect their individual features and style.

Thank you for sharing my passion, and I look forward to helping you discover your truest and most beautiful version!

Cosmetic Specialist and Eyelash Technician